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Gdg Devfest Hyderabad 2017: All About Android Web And Machine Learning

Written by : Entertainment Team

Technology is not only easy to apply in our daily lives but it is also easy to build one on our own. Don't you agree? Attend GDG DevFest Hyderabad 2017 of Google Developers Group, where there exist no constraints for learning. Any one can participate the session to get a hands-on idea of the latest developments in the technical world.

What Are DevFests?

GDG DevFests are huge community-run events, in which no two events will be exactly alike. They are powered by a shared belief that when developers come together to exchange ideas, miracles happen.

Why Attending?

  • To connect with developers with same passion

  • To catch hold of latest Google & Open Source technologies from the experts

  • To meet and stay connected with people of one mind, grow your circle and stay connected

Registrations are opening soon. Verify the official website for more information and details. GDG DevFest Hyderabad 2017 is awaiting you to be a part of the worldwide celebrations of developers and technological innovations. Go ahead!

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Event Details
Start Date End Date Venue
Nov. 4, 2017 Nov. 4, 2017 Google, HITEC city, Hyderabad

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