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Cooking delicious dishes within less time is really a tough task. Sometimes, a simple mistake while cooking can spoil the taste of the dish. It may be due to the tight schedule or you might be in a hurry.

So follow these simple tips to cook delicious dishes in no time

  • Add a piece of raw potato to the curry, if the dish is overloaded with salt. Lemon and sugar can also reduce the excess salt and spice levels in your food.

  • Never choose hard veggies for cooking. Especially, take care while choosing okra, ridge gourd and ash gourd.

  • Cook leafy greens with half closed lid to hold the green colour and palatable taste of the greens.


  • After kneading the dough, cover it with polythene or use a dampened cloth which will lock the moisture of the dough. This will give soft rotis.

  • Never forget to preheat the pan or microwave before adding ingredients in it. This helps to cook the curries within time.

  • Sometimes you may notice lumps while adding flour or curd to the gravy or soup. Then, mix the flour with little amounts of water and add it to the gravy, stirring continuously. Use whipped curd to get lump-free curry. That's it! Tasty yet thick curry is ready.

  • Never stir the veggies or meat too often as it will spoil the shape and taste of the dish.


  • Sometimes we cook the curry on high flame. But this will spoil the taste of the recipe and we may end up serving undercooked food.

  • Allow the ingredients to cook properly and simmer for at least 20 minutes. In case of meat, it requires at least an hour to cook fully.

  • Prearranging the essential ingredients before cooking will help you a lot. Use measurement spoons and cups while cooking.

  • Last but not least, taste the food while cooking. Everyone likes tasty food. Taste the food before serving to others.

Now you might be aware of some tips. So, Let's try to avoid these and serve delicious meals next time.

Note: Never forget to take safety precautions while cooking like wearing cooking apron, using gloves and keeping first aid kit handy.

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