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Fruits are an abode of enormous vitamins and minerals, added to that they benefit us in myriad ways. We usually feel lazy to peel and slice them but here are some tricky ideas which makes your work easy. Chop like a pro and save your time. Give a quick scroll down to grab the smart hacks.

Dainty Strawberries


Admired for its antioxidant feature, this reddish fruit provides much taste with much more health and beauty benefits alarming us not to ditch it. Just thrust a straw (or anything alike) into the fruit from its bottom end so that it pops up along with the green stalk.

Tongue-Tickling Oranges


Now, no more pricking oranges with your nails. Chop off the top and bottom edges of the orange and make an incision vertically along without touching the kernel in. Just pull off the peel from the end of the cut. You would find a clean and clear orange in your hands.

Moreish Mangoes


Mango, the king of fruits which tempts the fruit lovers with its amazing colour and lip-smacking taste. Just place a mango fruit vertically on your kitchen top. Slice off its sides. Take the edge of the slice and run down from the edge of the drinking glass. Simply, the flesh and peel separates in no time. Relish your time by tasting the golden fruit.

Luscious Kiwi

KIwi Fruit

You don't have to run behind the rolling kiwi to have a bite of it. Just halve it. Scoop out the fleshy part with a spoon and enjoy the ready-made fruit cup.

Palatable Pomegranate


Contrary to our misconception of how hard peeling pomegranate is, here is a simple tactic to de-seed the fruit. Chop off the top stem-like portion. Then run the knife along vertically leaving a gap so as to make out 5-6 slices. Pull out the cut slices out. That's it! Indulge yourself to enjoy the tongue-tickling flavour.

Watery Watermelon


There is a simple trick to cut the melon into cubes easily. Just cut the melon into stripes (horizontally and vertically) along with rind part. You find the fleshy part making it easier to dig them. Let's have a big byte of juicy fruit.

So, do bid the above tricks this time and find how simple it is eating fruits. Get ready to be tagged as a culinary pro.

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