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Sunflowers seeds not only offer amazing health benefits but also turn out your dishes into delicious ones. Adding these seeds to your recipes will definitely provide you with the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which are vital for the body growth.

We EeYuva doled out a few tips how to add these sunflower seeds to your regular dishes. Have a look!

  • Roasted or salted sunflower seeds can be considered as a great healthy snack. You can also add them to your daily cold or hot breakfast cereals in order to improve their nutritive values.

  • Sunflower seeds can be added to any main course dishes such as chicken curry, mix-vegetables etc or can be sprinkled over salads, pasta in order to add some flavour and extra nutrients.

  • One can add sunflower seeds to any soft preparations such as scrambled eggs to give them a crunchy texture.

sunflower flour

  • Sunflower powder or flour can be added to cake, muffin and bread batters. This will improve their nutritive value significantly.

  • Make sunflower seed butter by mixing three main ingredients i.e. Sunflower seeds, sea salt and sugar or stevia. To make it extra creamy you can add sunflower oil to it as well. It can be a great substitute for milk and peanut butter. It can be used as a bread spread, in smoothies, homemade sauces etc.

  • Add sunflower seeds to your cornflakes cereal chivda which is a spicy, tasty and healthy breakfast option. These nutty Sunflower seeds not only increase the taste of the chivda but also make it healthier. Sunflower seeds add vitamin E and B-complex to this cereal chivda which are loved by all.

Sunflowwer seeds

  • Sunflower seeds should be added to dry coconut chutney powder to make it more crunchy. These seeds are highly nutritious comprising of calories. So coconut chutney made with sunflower seeds will increase the nutrition value of your South Indian breakfast.

  • And when it comes to easy homemade tiffin option; roti laddo is one of the best options around. Roti ladoo which is a popular aromatic and delicious dish can be prepared in 5 minutes and if you add sunflower seed to it; roti laddo becomes full of the nutritions dish.

Add these nutritious dainty seeds to your daily dishes and reap the amazing benefits of it!

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