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'Manners' and 'kids' are two words that relate with each other most of the times. Every parent wants their children to be tagged as a good boy or girl in the company of others. Amongst all, dining manners play a vital role when we go for an outing with our close ones. It's really hard to train the kids with perfect dining etiquette. But also not impossible to explain and train them with some basic manners to follow.

Here, we give some tips to you to train your children with appropriate dining manners. Have a look.

How To Teach?


The first and basic step is to confirm to yourself whether you are well aware of the dining etiquette. Else, read manuals and prepare before you teach, since the little ones' eyes always observe your behaviour and imitate your activities. Yes, they grow by observing you. Everything for kids must begin from your dining table itself.

Dining Rules To Follow:

1. Time-Sense

Fix a certain time to eat and tell them to assemble in the dining hall within time. If they miss the timings, never treat them rudely, explain the value of time-sense. This helps them grow as a person who values time.

2. Cleanliness

Clean your hands and face before reaching the dinner table. Place the napkin on your lap, place hands on your napkin and sit straight.

3. When To Start

Prepare kids to always start eating only after observing the host's signals. Tell them to pray before starting dinner.

Model Dining Set

4. Utensils

This is one of the basic things to tell to the children. They need to know what utensils are placed along with dining plate and their usage. Explain to them carefully by arranging the model dining set at home itself and also show them the usage of dining utensils. It's difficult to remember, but practice makes them perfect.

5. Handling Utensils

Prior practice is essential for the kids while using the utensils. Show them and leave them to practice using the cutlery in the right way - knife in right hand and fork in the left hand.

Teach them how to deal with glass materials carefully and how to manage pouring the drinks or juices from jar to a glass.

6. Polite Words

Tell them to always add 'please' when asking more to serve and use 'thank you' to express gratitude towards the host.

7. Avoid Using Phone

Avoid Phones

This is a golden rule for the parents. Avoid using phone or any other technical device while eating. Your little kid's brain may grasp these things too. So, keep in mind that doing so may affect their behaviour in future.

Dining Etiquette: Some More Points To Teach Your Kids

  • Not to talk or sip water with your mouth full.

  • Never over-stuff food into your mouth.

  • Never cross the table to get something. Ask others to pass it over who are nearer to that dish.


  • Chew food by closing the mouth and maintain lips together. Don't talk loudly while eating.

  • According to their age, prepare them with restaurant codes - serving the food from the left and removing the dishes from the right.

  • Teach them to appreciate the host or the chef by saying,“The dessert is so tasty.”

These are some basic tips to teach and train your kids, but do remember, a lot of patience is needed to make them perfect with dining etiquette for your outing plan. Do not force them to learn as it's better to leave them for sometime to practice and get it by themselves.

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