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Wanna explore the taste of heavenly food? Then, this weekend is the right time to satiate your cravings. EeYuva is here with the best weekend restaurant picks which grabs your eyeballs with their unique and delectable dishes. Foodies! Why late? Everything is ready to hit your tummies. Let's have a look!

Kheer Restaurant, New Delhi

kheer restaurant

Are you amongst those who have almost hopped every fine dining space? Is there nothing left to enchant your savour for authentic Indian cuisine? If yes, then the finesse and urban elegance of the Indian speciality restaurant 'Kheer' is yet to surprise your taste palette. Introduced by the Roseate Hotels & Resorts, the newly opened 'Kheer' is an Indian speciality restaurant which is proudly and unabashedly the largest fine dining space of its kind.

Kheer marks a significant milestone in the fine dining space for gourmands in the capital which will delight every diner's palate. Items such as Palak Patta Chaat, Gucchi (morel stuffed with wild mushroom, grated khoya and cheddar cheese), Kasundi Machi (galangal and Bengali mustard marinated sole), Meen Pollichathu (sea bass wrapped in banana leaf)If you want to binge on meats then Murgh Kolhapuri (Maharashtrian Delicacy), Murgh Tikka (hot chicken tikka terrine served with sour cream and pickled onion), Machalee (raw tuna with chopped onions, tomatoes, gari ginger and mustard oil

Belgian Cafe, Noida


This cafe intrigues you from the moment you step in. What does one look for in a cafe like this? The quality of food and drinks, of course, is paramount but doesn't the ambience and decor have equal significance? Perhaps yes if you trust the French, who often say: "Food is served best at home, cooked by your beloved. When you eat out, you eat as much of the ambience as the delicacies of the Chef”. Located on the ground floor of the Crown Plaza hotel which is a hub for young professionals and this splendid Belgian cafe is the jewel in the crown of its gastronomic scene.

You cannot go to a Belgian cafe and miss the fries. As you flick through the pages of its menu, the Belgian love for fries comes alive and one that you must try is 'Patat Royale', thick fries wrapped at the centre with ham giving it a piggy twist. And fries go well with a pint of beer, don't they? If you wish to order something more Indianised, you can opt for chilly chicken. Served with a thick sauce of onions and chillies, they melt in your mouth.

Raasta, New Delhi

Raasta Restaurant

With a new vibe and feel, Carribean Lounge Raasta has started the journey from Hauz Khas Village, Raasta has now successfully spread its popularity amongst the Reggae music scene of the Delhi. Amongst numerous attractions, this new outlet serves Continental, Italian, Caribbean and Jamaican food which is authentic and ordeal with the cuisines served around the globe.

From Paneer Farfe, Jalapeno Cheese Cigar Rolls, Paneer Tikka, Raasta Special Pizza, Mushroom Patty Burger, Carribean Tropical Chicken Salad, Caprese Salad, Peri Peri Spiced Liver Bao, Cuban Black Bean, Keema Kolhapuri Bao, Sambuca Grilled Fish, Badass Fried Chicken Burger and Crumbed Fried Fish Burger, this place will surely take you on a culinary tour.Touting the best of Caribbean style meals, dishes such as Veg Thai Curry, Caribbean Chicken Curry, Jamaican Pepper Lamb, Barbados Vegetarian Platter, Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya, Chicken Faffa, Dylan's Galouti, Prawn Thai curry and The Raasta Big Boy Platter not only transforms and elevates one's experience, but also suits the taste palettes best.

Burma Burma, New Delhi

burma res

Pure vegetarians usually have limited options at fine dining restaurants. Not so in Burma Burma. Though Burmese cuisine is known for its seafood and meat preparations, the restaurant has given these a miss. But the vegetarian spread they have on offer comes as a pleasant surprise even for meat lovers. The cosy restaurant has beautiful interiors with colourful dolls of several Burmese tribes displayed on one wall, while the other has elements from Burmese culture carved into it - the lotus flower, the owl, fish and more.

Let's start with a Nutella-flavoured bubble tea. A mix of black tea, milk, maple syrup and chewy tapioca pearls with Nutella salad platter with raw mango salad, tea leave salad and sunflower salad - the leaves were fresh and left me pondering how a cuisine could utilise every part of a plant, flower and fruit so well. Besides being green, it was crisp with peanuts mixed in it.Soups offered here are interesting too, with the "samosa soup" a clear winner. A bit on the hot side, the soup will be loved by those who like red chilli flakes in their food. The other two were chickpea tohu soup and Burmese pepper soup which were minus the hot spices and rather filling.

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