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As Diwali festivities come to an end, we are often left with loads of barfis, chocolates and even dry fruits that we don't know how to utilise. We EeYuva doles out some tips to recreate the leftover food innovatively. Have a look.

Kulfis With Desserts

Increase the shelf life of mithais by turning them into kulfis. Let's blend the ladoos, dhondas, pedas and barfis. Add condensed milk and cardamom to the mix and freeze. You can add cinnamon or coffee powder to the mix to create different flavours of kulfis.

Granola bars

Dry Fruit Granola Bars

Dry fruits can be turned into granola bars. Take the nuts, chop them coarsely and roast them in a non-stick pan until crisp. Add some honey and put the mixture into small moulds and let the bars set. You may use the nuts by adding them to oats or your morning milk for a healthy twist. You can also vacuum pack dry fruits and store them in the freezer so that they remain crisp.

Bread Rasmalai

If you are looking to make something innovative, try mixing and matching the sweets. You can crush motichoor ke ladoo, stuff it into bread and pour rasmalai ka doodh over it. Another idea is to dice leftover mithais, saute them on a tawa, add rabri, and stir well. You can serve this mithai chaat garnished with nuts.


Chocolate Flavours

If you have lots of chocolates that we are tired of eating after days of festivities. You can melt them into a ganache, add milk and chilli to it and freeze them in an ice tray. These recycled and flavoured chocolates are a nice change from the usual ones. You can use them to make milkshakes as well. Melted chocolate can also be added to besan chilla to add a twist to the flavours. The ganache can also be used as a chocolate spread for sandwiches or dips that you can have with biscotti or chips.

Gulab Jamun Cake and Barfi

If you have leftover gulab jamuns, chop them into small pieces and add them to your cake batter. You can also layer up barfis, rasgullas, and gulab jamuns to make a parfait. Place mithai at the bottom of a glass and layer it with custard, and later ice cream. You can do the same with barfis and pedas. Mash them and add hung curd or whipped cream and chopped fresh fruits.

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