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Shilpa Shetty not only mesmerises the fashion world with her sartorial picks but also amazes the food lovers with her delicious cook-ups. Today, November 14 on the occasion of 'Children's Day' she and her little buddy 'Viaan Raj' prepared delectable bread pizza and milkshake which will surely make your mouth water. Give a quick scroll to watch the video and just prepare at your condo without any delay.

Bread Pizzas And Milkshake Recipes


Ingredients For Pizza Sauce

1 tsp butter; 1 tsp chopped garlic; 4 tbsp tomato puree; 1 tsp Italian herbs; 1 tbsp tomato ketchup; 1 tsp fresh basil; 1 tsp milk; A pinch of sugar and salt; Red chilli flakes to taste

Ingredients For Topping
Bread slices for mini pizzas; Chopped veggies (yellow and green capsicum, boiled sweet corn); Chopped black olives; Mozzarella cheese

Method To Prepare Bread Pizzas

  1. Melt butter in a pan and add all the pizza sauce ingredients and mix them well. Take the sauce into a bowl.

  2. Take bread and cut into round shapes by using round bowls for pizzas. Grease or spray butter on the baking tray and set it aside.

  3. Spread butter on the round shaped breads and spread the prepared sauce over butter and top it with chopped veggies, black olives, cheese.

  4. Transfer the bread pizza into greased baking tray and bake them at 180o C for 6 minutes.

This bread pizza will add to your little buddies favourite food list after tasting it.

Banana-Cherry Jam Milkshake

Ingredients You Need

1 banana; 2 tsp cherry jam; 1½ glass milk; 1½ condensed milk; Ice cubes for chilling


Blend all the ingredients into fine juice. That's it! Yummy and healthy milkshake with banana is ready to surprise your kids.

Enjoy and surprise your kids with these amazing recipes.

(Courtesy: Shilpa Shetty)

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