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Why Wooden Ladles Are Best For Cooking?

Written by : LifeStyle Team
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Have you ever noticed the taste of the dish that you prepared has changed a bit, especially in the case of sour foods? It may be because of the metal spatulas you are using. It is obvious that many cooks often hurt their hands while sauteing and stirring. The reason may be the same – metal utensils. Our intention is not to stop the usage of metal spatulas but just to accentuate the prominence and advantages of using wooden spatulas.

Damaging Food Besides Hurting Your Hands

At times the metal ladle you are handling may poke your hands? But what to do, need to finish the making. Asides this there are some recipes which have to be stirred continuously or need to crumble the veggies and this might mess up the dish that you are cooking. This is where wooden ladles come to your rescue with blunt endings and they allow a smoother stirring.

Wooden ladle

Chemical Reason

Be it the metal ones or plastic ones, we might be lured by their appealing designs and colours. What if they spoil our food? Even though it is not possible for us to witness the changes directly, we can feel it in the taste or through the tint of the dish. Wood is non-reactive and so always advisable for all types of cooking.

Comes Out Clean

With no scratches and burnt-food residues, wooden ladles or spatulas can saute, stir and bring out the dishes cleanly. After all, you will be happy to see no lines or scratches on your brand new non-stick pan.

Skin Friendly

As we know, wood is a bad conductor of heat and electricity and therefore you are highly safe even when you are cooking in a hurry. Even your li'l one can offer a helping hand for you to make out the recipe.

Wooden ladle

Lasts Long

Age-old wooden spatulas and ladles will become a part of your kitchen for sure, rather than being the dumping materials. Yes, they add more taste and zero harm to your food. Steel ones may put on rust with time and some other materials may even develop bacteria. Votes for wooden for its durability.

Though you don't have to get rid of the steel and plastic ones, share some space to these traditional and reliable wooden spatulas in your kitchen rack. Remember, it may take some time to get habituated to these wooden wares. Good things come to us with patience.

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