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14 Best Funny Characters From Bollywood Comedy Movies

Written by : Entertainment Team

If it is one genre in which Bollywood always seems to innovate and better itself, it has to be the comedy genre. Over the years, we have seen some really good comedy films shattering records and going on to become one of the highest bollywood grossers of all time. Even if it is an out and out action entertainer, chances are it will have the elements of comedy associated with it as Indian audiences love to laugh in the theatres.

There has been a long streak of bollywood comedy films that have entertained us for a long time and in a country, like India you don't have to look far for a comedy concept and people love to spend money on mindless entertainers as we have seen the case with films like Golmaal & Housefull series. There are many memorable characters in these films that stay with us for a long time and we remember these films for these iconic characters.

Here are 14 funny characters from Bollywood comedy films

1. Vasooli Bhai

Best Comedy Characters

Everyone seems to be taking him for a ride in Golmaal series and he never learns his lesson!

2. Nitin Berry

Best Comedy Characters

The person who does nothing except sh*t in Delhi Belly, literally!

3. Crime Master Gogo

Best Comedy Characters

The film Andaz Apna Apna is now synonymous with his name.

4. Chhota Don

Best Comedy Characters

He provided some great laughs in Partner.

5. Circuit

Best Comedy Characters

He's the one who is always by his Munna Bhai's side and provides major comic reliefs in the films.

6. Uday & Majnu Bhai

Best Comedy Characters

In both the Welcome films, it's these 2 characters who keep the audiences entertained.

7. Manav

Best Comedy Characters

The lovable buffoon always puts his gang in danger.

8. Sid

Best Comedy Characters

Riteish Deshmukh's acting as the sex-crazed Sid is hilariously funny in first two Kya Kool Hain Hum films.

9. Ganesh

Best Comedy Characters

Vijay Raaz's hilarious turn in 2004's Run is the only good thing about the film.

10. Lal Hanuman

Best Comedy Characters

Rajpal Yadav's hilarious turn as Lal Hanuman aka Chote Pandit in Bhool Bhulaiyaa is still remembered.

11. Professor Rasai

Best Comedy Characters

As the spitting Professor Rasai, Satish Shah was a treat to watch.

12. Pappu Pager

Best Comedy Characters

The iconic character of Pappu Pager marked his one of the best performances in a Bollywood film.

13. Baburao Ganpatrao Apte

Best Comedy Characters

Probably the best character in Hera Pheri movies, he's a delight to watch in comic scenes.


Best Comedy Characters

Paresh Rawal's hapless and helpless cook in Garam Masala provided for a majority of gags in the film.

Hope, our fiction writers will create more such characters and make us happy in the coming years.

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