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These English Dictionary Words Have Totally Different Meaning In India

Written by : Entertainment Team

Usually, people either follow American or British English. But Indian English will have the blend of both and it's added with some sort of sarcasm. Indians just follow the way they understand the words and use as per their convenience. Similarly, these English dictionary words have different perceptions in Indian minds.

Take A Look

Picture (Dictionary): Something that represents photograph or painting

Indian Perception: The movie

Jam (Dictionary): Sweet and glued food item

Indian Perception: Chocking up vehicles on road

Auto (Dictionary): Working by itself

Indian Perception: 3 wheeler cheapest affordable vehicle

Change (Dictionary): Transformation or become difference

Indian Perception: Chillar

Bunk (Dictionary): Fuel station

Indian Perception: Escaping classes from school or college

Book (Dictionary): Pages sewn together to read or write something

Indian Perception: Caught doing something wrong or offensive

Line (Dictionary): Horizontal, vertical or any directional mark

Indian perception: Stalking or flirting another gender

Show (Dictionary): Final step of card game

Indian Perception: Being ostentatious

Paste (Dictionary): Moist and think substance used for sticking papers or posters

Indian Perception: Thing that you put on brush every morning