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Written by : Entertainment Team
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It's quite common to have an intro song for our energetic stars in the flicks. As male protagonists have more importance in the films when compared to the female lead, a special mentioning is needed to introduce them. But there are some flicks where our beautiful divas are given a chance to perform in the introduction songs in which there is no special song for the male lead. Here is a list of such films and songs, have a look.

I Manoharudu – Ladiyo

I manoharudu

Shankar-AR Rahman's film I Mahoharudu have a rich intro song for Amy Jackson which caught everyone's attention with the composition, lyrics and picturisation.

Rebel – Google Search Lona


Can anyone in the industry from the current generations compete with Tamannaah? Her moves are very graceful that the director himself couldn't resist putting an intro song for her.

Guru Kanth – Merisindi Megam

Guru Kantha

Doe-eyed actress Aishwarya keeps herself best not only in acting but also in dancing too. What else other than a song is the best way to introduce a heroine like her? Dancing in the rain is not a cake walk thing but she does it with such an ease that we all were awed.

Ranam – Nallanimabbu


It's time to applaud choreographer-turned-director Amma Rajasekhar for his guts for two reasons. One is for selecting Kamna Jethmalani and the other is giving her an introduction song.

Mahanandi – Indradhanasulo


Sweety aka Anushka grabbed a chance to work with Sumanth and Srihari in her very second flick. Another great thing is that she has an intro song in this film.

Gajini – Rahatulla


Murugadoss made the audience stick to the chairs throughout this film and the way he introduced Asin changed her fate. As she falls for the owner of the mobile company in the movie, the same happened in her real life too with whom she had a baby girl recently.

Varsham – Innallaku Gurtochana Vana


How many of you well know Trisha before Varsham? The song became an instant hit which made Trisha very popular among Telugu people.

Seethaiah – Okka Magadu


Simran is able to perform all dance forms with an ease and she is also every choreographer's favourite. 'Okka Magadu...' song stood as a chart-buster in those days and till today no song made on any heroine was that special.

Nee Sneham – Chinuku Tadiki

Nee Snaham

Aarthi Agarwal who is not with us today entered Tollywood with the movie Nuvvu Naaku Nachav and in a very less span, she enjoyed the fruits of success by acting with all the top actors of those days. This soothing song from Nee Sneham will remain as a pleasant number forever which will remind us all the skills of the late actress.

Kalusukovalani – Akasam Tana


Kalusukovlani a DSP musical has an intro song to Gajala which is a very popular one in those days. Many teenage girls used to perform for 'Akasam Tana...' song in school or college annual days.

Manasantha Nuvve – Akasana

Manasantha NUvve

Reema Sen was critically acclaimed for her first movie Chitram and well received by the audience too. The blockbuster film Manasantha Nuvve had an intro song to Reema Sen which was shot in foreign locales.

Priyuralu Pilichindi – Palike Gorinka

Priyuralu pilichindi

Aishwarya Rai, in her earlier days, have done noted projects down south and Priyuralu Pilichindi is one among them. Is there any need to mention the songs as the music is composed by AR Rahman especially 'Palike Gorinka…'.

Merupu Kalalu – O Vaana Padithe

Merupu Kalalu

This movie was a box-office success and Kajol's first movie in South who grabbed an intro song too in the film. Rahman's enthralling music played a major role in the film's success. Kajol was hugely appreciated for her character who aspires to be a nun.

Asha Asha Asha – Mellaga Mellaga Vachi

Asha asha asha

Composed by Deva, the songs were well received by the audience. This song which was crooned by Chitra features the female lead, Suvalaxmi and was shot in the picturesque locales of India. The movie also won positive reviews from the critics which have Ajith and Prakash Raj in the lead roles.

Roja – Chinni Chinni Asha


Maniratnam's Roja was a sensational hit which stars Arvind Swamy and Madhoobala. Everyone knows that this is the movie which introduced Rahman to the world. The talented composer didn't want to let go of his first chance and made all things possible to give his best especially the intro song of Madhoobala.

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