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11 Quirky Reading Challenges That Make You Wish For Reading A Book

Written by : Info Box Team

It feels boring when book lovers drop an advice and insist us on making book reading a regular habit. Also, we often stumble upon a few book reading challenges on Facebook or Twitter which, as usual, seem tedious and unappealing to us. So we don't want to bore you with such kind of stuff today as going by our title, we are here to take you through a set of quirky book reading challenges that sure will pull you into reading a book.

1. Pick the latest book that has your favourite colour on its cover

Let the first impression be the best one

2. Go for that novel which is set in your dream destination. For instance, US, London.

Reading about your favourite place is far better than dreaming of it. What say?

3. A book whose title has numbers that interest you or could be your lucky one.

Who knows the book can bring luck to you

4. The latest novel that has a title with alliteration (every word of the Title starts with the same alphabet)

Read, Read & Read

picking a book

5. Any latest novel or book launched by your favourite celebrity

Because we blindly follow our idols and demigods

6. A book that has a creepy cover page

After all it is said, "Don't judge a book by its cover"

7. Zero in on that book whose story revolves around libraries, books or book lovers

A book lover reading on books and book lovers

8. Select a novel whose protagonists are book readers

Reading of reading

9. You can choose a book that has the biography of your ideal person

It's always a pleasure reading of someone you like and admire

reading shutter

10. Pick that read which was written by an author who hails from your place.

But no region-ism, please

11. Lastly, round off that book which was written by the author you hate!

Because criticising someone you don't like costs nothing!!

Laugh later, now you can write to us which one of the above weird reading challenges you have picked and gonna try. Also, come up with your set of weird reading challenges.

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