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Five Famous Children Novels Adapted Into Films

Written by : Info Box Team

Children's literature claims one of the highest grossing shelves in the literary stores across the world. And if such novels fall are taken into the hands of creative directors, they turn out to be visual treats. Jungle book written by Rudyard Kipling is an all-time example of a written marvel adapted into a film by Jon Favreau which worked wonders.

Beside this top flick, we have compiled five other popular books by great penmen that went into the hands of equally capable directors who succeeded in adapting these tomes into super hit flicks.

'Bridge To Terabithia' as Bridge To Terabithia

-When Katherine Paterson penned down this children's fantasy back in 1977, it took the literary world by storm with its captivating storytelling. The same work later inspired Gabor Csupo, an American film director, who in collaboration with David L Paterson gave the novel a visual form in 2007.

The story tells

How two lonely friends Jesse and Leslie create a magical kingdom of forest and get involved with their fantasy world Terabithia. Their adventures over there are well portrayed in a captivating manner.


'The Lorax' as The Lorax

In 1971, Dr Seuss got his work, a children's fantasy comic novel, published and had joined the list of ace authors. When director Chris Renaud decided to turn the same book into a musical fantasy comic flick, he was backed by Universal Pictures in 2012. Thus, Chris made it big by adapting the novel into -a 3D entertainer.

What is the story about?

How a twelve-year-old boy impresses his girlfriend with his best bids and whether he succeeded in the same was chronicled in an intriguing way in this book.

'The True Meaning Of Smekday' as HOME

Renowned children author Adam Rex produced a sci-fi novel in 2007 which was later in 2015 adapted into the flick Home directed by Tim Johnson.

The story is about

When a high school girl co-incidentally befriends an alien, what forms before and post their companionship is the plot of this hilarious novel.



'Peter Pan' as Peter Pan

American director Joe Wright took the rights to direct the film Pan that draws its plot from the super hit fantasy adventure book of the same name jotted down by the Scottish novelist J M Barrie.

What the book has

The escapades undertook by an Orphan boy Pan in the fantasy world of Neverland along with other friends of his entertained the readers as well as the audience.


'The Maze Runner' by The Maze Runner

James Dashner authored the adventure novel The Maze Runner in 2009 that has been adapted into the -American Action thriller that goes by the same name directed by Wes Ball in 2014.

The book tells

Sixteen-year-old Thomas finds himself in a box left behind without a single shard of his past. He finds his peers in a vast grassy area. The only way the boys could escape from there is through the maze that runs round their restricted grassy area. How the boys find their way home and to their past forms the plot.

How many of the above books have you written or the adaptations you saw? Write to us your favourite one.

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