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Written by : Tech Trends Team

The recent vehicle collision on Yamuna Express Way has been a national sensation. The reason behind the vehicle collision is smog. Fog is a normal scene in winters but this time pollution lead to the increased cover of smog in the atmosphere and covered the roads making it invisible for the commuters to go ahead! It is the same in many parts of India and almost all long-distance routes where the commuters should always be on caution to reach their destination safe.

EeYuva presents 5 tips to follow on the smog/fog covered roads

Drive Slow

It is a common scene in the winter to experience unclear roads to from your car or bike. It is always better to go slow so that there will be enough time to react while braking. This reacting time could save the car colliding with other car/cars in the route.

Always On The Fog Lamps And Use Low Beam Headlamps

The fog lamps would be of great help thanks to their name and functioning. It is always good to use low beam lights of the car for clear vision of the road. The usage of high beams does not work on the fog filled roads as it reflects the light on to the driver making it inconvenient for him to drive.

Use Wipers Constantly

Often the front view mirrors get blurred due to fog and as it turns into water droplets the vision becomes tough so constant use of the wipers come at hand and provide a decent view of the road.

On The Parking Lights

When it becomes hard for the driver to go ahead better stop and don't forget to keep the parking lights on. This helps the onlookers and other car drivers that there is a vehicle stopped in the route and warns them to take other lane. Never keep the Hazard lights on while parking as they are not intended for that and it may convey a danger signal all over the route!

Be On Your Lane

The route may be a two-lane or four-lane, it is better to be on your lane and particularly to the left. Being on the left ensures a collision-free ride and makes it convenient for the other drivers to overtake your vehicle easily.

Bottom Line

Following road safety rules ensure a safe drive for you and for others! Be a better guy on the road so that others follow suit!