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5 Latest Apps Unveiled For Your Smartphones

Written by : Tech Trends Team

It is time to enjoy your week hitting the play stores and trying the latest apps debuted. Though the latest generation smartphones are packed with amazing apps and games, we still search for the alternatives hoping for the much productive and more entertaining ones.

I totally agree with you that keeping the track of those newer entrants is a bit tedious in your busy lifestyles, but being updated is also necessary which EeYuva helps you in. It lists the latest apps for your Android and iOS devices... check whether they may serve as the alternatives.

1. Haptik Assistant

All those who install different apps for each task they do - booking a cab, ordering food, etc., Haptik, the personal assistant, comes as a saver. Without switching between, now all your tasks can be handled from Haptik itself.

Haptik works alike other rival assistants -Siri, Cortana, etc., reminding your works learning you SMSs, giving suggestions, finding nearby ATMs, restaurants, railway stations, etc., but you will not have is the voice input facility. To work with Haptik, you ‘should’ text it.

Remember you can as well top-up your smartphones, pay bills, etc., with extremely easy steps.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

2. Quick Draw- Fast Arcade Shooter

If you are the one who loved playing retro style shooting games in your childhood, then QuickDraw brings those memories back again. This is also a simple shooting game where users need to tap on the targets to clear them all. The twist is that the targets are constantly seen moving, so it’s better to be fast racing against the time.

Compatibility: Android

3. Discord


Discord is a communicating app that lets you chat either by voice or by text, with the fellow gamers in-game. You can either have one-to-one conversations or join gaming communities to talk games, share achievements, clear doubts, pose challenges, etc.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

4. Sonic Forces: Speed Battles

Love playing endless running games? If yes, then you are offered another such game Sonic Forces: Speed Battles from Sega which is a PvP multiplayer game from Sega Europe and Hardlight. Though it is not a complete endless runner game, speed battle is a basic running game where players need to choose an iconic character and race against the fellows on a track that is chosen by the player.

On the way, players are offered gold rings which are to be collected to enhance their running speed. And they come up with many obstacles as well… so, make sure not to hit any of them.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

5. Notification History Log

If you have swiped away any important mail or an SMS on your smartphones without your knowledge or accidentally, the only way you get them back is through widgets. But Notification history log is the new app that does the same. All the trashed mails and messages can be redrawn with the app.

Compatibility: Android

Now it’s time to try the apps. Download them and give us your feedback!

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