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Written by : Tech Trends Team

After the introduction of Tesla Semi truck and Roadster car, the future-loving businessperson Elon Musk's electric car-making company 'Tesla' has introduced a new product which is surprisingly not a new car and related product. It's a portable powerbank that charges your iPhone and Android smartphones on the go!

The battery back device is designed and inspired after the Tesla's supercharger monument at the Tesla Design Studio, California.

The powerbank uses a single 18650 cell with 3350mAh battery capacity which we can found in the company's Model S and X electric vehicles. Coming in the combination of Red and Black colours, the Tesla's powerbank includes an integrated USB, detachable micro USB and an integrated Apple lightning cord.

The disadvantage is that the powerbank lacks USB-C port. Priced at $45 (Rs 3000 approx), the battery back device is available to grab from the company's website under the Tech section.
(Image Courtesy: Tesla)

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