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Ramappa Temple - The Heritage Of Telangana

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Telangana, the land of exemplary architectural monuments reflects the passion of rulers among arts. Kakatiyas are one of the mighty rulers who built myriads of temples and monuments. Every monument built during the Kakatiyas era is an architectural marvel. Ramappa temple is one of the finest examples which showcase the architectural skills of Kakatiya reign.

Cuddled in the tranquil environ of Palampet village, Jayashankar Bhupalpally district of Telangana, Ramappa has all the unique qualities to get the UNESCO listed heritage tag. Built in the year 1213 AD, during the reign of Kakatiya ruler Ganapathi Deva by a local chieftain Rudra Samani. Ramappa temple stands on a 6 feet star-shaped floor and makes the historians praise it as the 'Brightest star in the Galaxy of Medieval Temples in the Deccan'.

Elegant Madanika Statues

Madanika statues at Ramappa temple

The chief sculptor of the temple 'Ramappa' sculpted the temple with exotic and erotic miniature carvings on the pillars, ceilings and the walls of the temple. Every part of the temple allure the visitors with its architectural and engineering brilliance. The main temple has three entrances which are adorned with the twelve beautiful black basalt statues of Madanikas which appears in different postures. Here, one can see the craftsman skills of the artist who impeccably carved the jewellery, clothes and even the facial expressions. No one can resist themselves without praising the skills of the sculptor.

Mythological Pillars

intricate carvings on pillars of Ramappa temple Telangana

After cherishing the beauty of the Madanika idols now one can step into the 'mandapa' or hall in front of the inner sanctum. It is the place where one can catch a glimpse of exquisite miniature carvings on the four pillars of the hall. The unique carvings on the three pillars depict the mythological events and characters belong to Mahabharata and Shiva Purana. But, whereas the fourth pillar of the hall is embellished with erotic sculptures. The ceiling of the temple showcases the 'Ksheera Sagara Madhanam', avatars of Lord Vishnu and many more to lure you.

Musical Tree

musical architecture at Ramappa temple Telangana

Further, if we move towards the inner sanctum, one can see the amazing black basalt polished carvings on both the sides of the wall. It intrigues the visitors with elegant dancing women carvings beside 'Ponna Chettu' and Lord Krishna with flute. One can hear 'Saptasawaralu' by knocking the tree at any point and surely it will amaze every folk. Never give a miss to view the 'Shivatandavam' carvings on the other side.

The inner sanctum enchants the devotees with mammoth 9 feet Shiva Linga. The most interesting thing about the temple is, during the daytime the sun rays reflected by the pillars fall on the main deity in the sanctum. And one more intriguing fact about this temple is that the bricks which were used in the construction of 'Gopuram' floats in the water.

Statue Of Nandi

Ramappa Temple Nandi

At the entrance of the temple, there is a big statue of Nandi. The roof of the Nandi mandapa was demolished during the Muslim invaders. The posture of the Nandi with a raising leg, closing one eye and ear appears that it is ready to follow the orders of Lord Shiva. Another architectural wonder about this statue is if we watch the idol through any direction it appears that the bull is watching us.

Sashanam at Ramappa temple Telangana

One can also see the Shasanam or inscription on the premises of the temple and ruins of Kateswara and Kameswara temples, which were in a dilapidated state.

Beautiful Laknavaram lake, Ramappa Cheruvu and few other intriguing places are there around this Ramppa Temple. Why don't you take some time to cherish the natural beauty with your mad gang?

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