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18 Top Indian Film Directors And Their Short Films

Written by : Tech Trends Team
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The short film is a cinema format, that is getting immensely popular nowadays. Generally, they are made by young amateurish film makers with low budget or no budget to gain experience or prove their talent in film making and get funding for their future bigger projects.

But, of late, many established film makers too are making short films for some or the other reason! It is revealed that... a few are free with no big projects in hand, are using their precious time to make shorts and keep their filmmaking form fit!

Also, to tell an exciting story that couldn't be told for 2 hours, and to explore and experiment new genres, to check technical aspects such as silent narration, camera output, trying their hand in acting etc factors are leading our filmmakers to make short films.

Here is a list of shorts made by Tollywood directors

1. Ramgopal Varma's Short film – A Day in the life of Lakshmi Manchu's Feet

RGV's first short-film, this film includes many interesting and emotional elements that capture the heart of a viewer. This is a unique experiment where he tells the daily life of Lakshmi Manchu through her feet as a character.

2.Director Vamsi Short Film – Letter

This famous National award-winning film director who has delivered many evergreen hits since 1980's too held camera for a short film only to tell a modern age love saga and relationships through a short film titled 'Letter'.

3.Sukumar's Short Film – I'm that Change

This commercial filmmaker tried his hand in giving message oriented social film titled – 'I am that Change' casting rising star 'Allu Arjun' as his hero. It's a thought provoking subject released on the evening of Independence Day 2014.

4.Deva Katta's Short Film – Dying to be me

This Filmfare award winning director who started his career with a short film called 'Valasa' directed many big films later on. 'Dying to be me' supports the women empowerment on the Independence day.

5.Mohan Krishna Indraganti – Chali

This National award winning film maker too directed a 37 minute short film titled 'Chali' to try his hands in a new hybrid horror genre film.

6.Chakri Toleti – Unread

This child actor who debuted with 'Saagara Sangamam' as actor, directed 'Eenadu' casting Kamal Hassan it self. He too held camera for a short film titled 'Unread” only to try his hand in narrative skills and tell a story without dialogues.

Bollywood Film Directors Who Made Short Films

1.Anurag Kashyap's Short Film – That Day After Every Day

He is one of the top league filmmakers in Hindi Cinema today. He cast all well known actors in this short, that talks about women empowerment. It was a well received short but this kind of subject may not be made into a full length feature film, which Kashyap rightly understood and made a short film.

2.Navjot Gulati – Best Girlfriend

It has the portrayal of live-in relationship and convinces us that there is nothing wrong or can go wrong between them. And people received its content well (you got to check the comment section in Youtube) and you have to watch it to see what Navjot aspired to fulfill his dreams.

3.Shlok Sharma – Tubelight Ka Chand

This shot makes us feel the love and admire kids and their tender thoughts. These kids have a vision which ultimately becomes a story. The short has got great music and bgm that keeps us engaged. Though the short is made with no dialogue, it grabs our attention till the end. The director has directed some other shorts like Bombay Mirror, The Joy of Giving in the past.

4.Madonne Ashwin – Dharmam

This is not an ordinary stuff, but it is on par with any national award-winning tale that questions hypocrisy and morality. This is a must watch for everyone, even if you don't know the language.

5.Neeraj Ghayawan – Epiphany

This filmmaker made an incredible debut at Cannes. This is one of his first attempts as a filmmaker that talks about a divorced couple who shares each other driving on a highway. It's simply a great short that worth appreciating.

6.Srinivas Sunderrajan – Vaapsi

It's a 4 minute short film about a struggling actor in Mumbai, that was simply told with voice over in a black and white video, who gives auditions and roams tirelessly all over Mumbai. Srinivas Sunderrajan is widely known for his film – The Untitled Kartik Krishnan Project.

7.Samvida Nanda – 2B or Not 2B

This was selected at Cannes Film Festival, though the film is made with a simple idea with interesting dialogues that has very good meaning. The short has good usage of sketches and colours. Samvida Nanda is an upcoming film maker who was given credits cinematography, production design and other crafts for many films.

8.Sujay Ghosh – Ahalya

He is a Bengali film maker, Who won many awards, including the National Award for Best Original screenplay for the film 'Kahaani'. He has directed 'Ahalya' starring Soumitra Chatterjee and Radhika Apte taking, with the mythological elements from Ramayana and that was a instant hit on release.

9.Vasan Bala – Geek Out

This short talks about the Vasan's brilliance in executing simple subjects. It's about a Sincity, meeting Facebook. The short is funny, mature yet got revolutionary stuff at a very small budget.

10.Geetanjali Rao – Chai

This is an experimental short where a sequence of montage narrates 4 different short stories of immigrant struggles in the city and all the above happens in the voice over. Rao also made an acclaimed short “Printed Rainbow” that has won many international awards.

11.Rohit Pandey – Error

This talk about a newly wed couple problem accomplishes 2 different characters in two rooms. You'll get to know much more about the camera placements and other technical stuff through this shot. Rohit was a writer and director of well acclaimed 2013 film 'Ugly'.

12.Anubhuti Kashyap – Moi Marjaani

This debut short film of filmmaker Anubhuti, is made like a standard feature with strong visual and dramatic elements in film making. This short talk about truth, fear and social acceptance with lovable characters.

Hope, you liked the above shorts of our established filmmakers and do share your comments on them in the below comment section.

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